National Training Framework

Ensuring that professionals are trained to provide effective, timely and appropriate responses to victims and survivors is a key element in meeting the aims of the Gwent VAWDASV Strategy.

The National Training Framework (NTF) on violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence outlines the Welsh Government's requirements for training on VAWDASV across the public service and specialist third sector.

The Training Sub Group holds oversight of the NTF in Gwent. Under the Gwent VAWDASV Partnership Board, the Gwent Training Sub Group offer structural support and guidance in the region. Advising and arranging training plans and process in response to NTF requirements. All actions taken by the group are reported back and directed by the Gwent VAWDASV Partnership Board.

National Training Framework
GroupAudience AimPurpose

Group 1

All Public Service Professionals

To have a basic understanding and awareness of what violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence is, how to recognise it and what help is available

Group 2

Professionals who are likely to be in jobs where VAWDASV is an issue for their client group. This would include people treating or working with someone as a result of violence and abuse

Staff in appropriate roles can recognise the signs of abuse and able to talk to that person sensitively (if appropriate) and offer options and services to them quickly and efficiently. (“Ask and Act”)

Group 3

Individuals in roles which require them to do more than “Ask and Act” and those who perform a “Champion” role

Public Service staff who are able to support colleagues as they make decisions in relation to these issues of VAWDASV and act as a champion within their organisation

Group 4

Professionals whose client group is specifically those affected by violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence

Professionals working with those affected by violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence will be professional, expert and appropriately qualified

Group 5

Service managers working in the violence against women, domestic abuse & sexual violence sector

To enhance professional standards and support the delivery and leadership of services which are the highest quality

Group 6

Strategic Leaders who have a responsibility to foster a culture and infrastructure in which violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence are acknowledged as issues which may affect the workforce, the client group and friends and family

The Strengthening Leadership Series is a series of short films, each on an important issue related to VAWDASV. The films offer short bursts of information which can be used to shape strategic direction, share within teams and improve knowledge

The NTF consists of six groups. All professions within the Public Service will fall into one of these groups. Details of training attached to this is list next to each group.

Group 1

Training: Group 1 training is available in two ways;

  1. eLearning – 45 minute online training session this can be accessed via the NHS learning portal, available as a link on all relevant authorities’ intranet with instructions of how to access.
  2. Face to face, training – 2-hour (approx.) sessions are also available and is accessed through internal training opportunities within your organisation.

Group 2

Training: Group 2 training is accessible and bookable through internal organisation’s training schedules and delivered through half-day classroom sessions.

Group 3

Training: Group 3 training is accessible and bookable through internal organisation’s training schedules and delivered through full day classroom sessions.

Group 4

Training – Group 4 training is available through any of these providers;

Group 5

Training – Group 5 training is available through the following provider;

Group 6

Training - Group 6 training is delivered in part through a series of YouTube videos that can all be viewed via

Specialist Subject Syllabus

The Framework also includes a specialist subject syllabus which will ensure that any training, accessed locally by any profession, meets certain learning outcomes, can be assessed against certain criteria and is consistent with other training delivered across Wales.

As resources are developed to support each group of training, these will be uploaded on the relevant group page.

Training: Training in the region and the mapping with specialist units is ongoing.  We are able to provide a wide range of training across the VAWDASV field which is open and free of charge to any professional working within the voluntary or statutory sector in Gwent.

The sessions are;

  • Understanding Domestic Abuse, 1 day
  • DASH/MARAC, ½ day
  • Sexual Violence Awareness, 1 day
  • Effects on Children, 1 day
  • HBV and FM, 1 day
  • Understanding Perpetrators, 1 day
  • Coercive Control, 1 day
  • Working with Male Victims

Please visit the VAWDASV Courses page to book on to one of these sessions.