About Us

The Gwent wide Adult Safeguarding Board (GwASB) and the South East Wales Safeguarding Children Board (SEWSCB) are the statutory multi agency partnership Boards responsible for making sure safeguarding is at the core of all services provided across the region. They are supported in their work by a number of sub groups that manage the core business and other more specific pieces of work which deliver on the strategic priorities set by the Boards each year. All of these groups are supported by the Gwent Safeguarding Business Unit who work with Board and sub group members to deliver the specified outcomes.

The Regional Strategic Safeguarding Structure can be downloaded here.

Although there are currently two separate Safeguarding Boards, Gwent wide Adult Safeguarding Board (GwASB) and South East Wales Safeguarding Children Board (SEWSCB), promotional materials and awareness raising activities are undertaken using the Gwent Safeguarding brand. This brand is the overarching name and logo that applies to both Boards. For any information or queries relating to Gwent Safeguarding please contact the Gwent Safeguarding Business Unit.

The National Independent Safeguarding Board Wales has produced an interactive guide and directory providing an overview of the different agencies involved in safeguarding children and adults in Wales.