Protecting Children and Young People from Abuse

To find out more about what child abuse is and how to spot the signs you can follow the links to the different types of abuse below.

For more information about who is affected by abuse and other issues children face you can visit the NSPCC website.

If you are worried about a child or are concerned that they may be experiencing some form of abuse you must report it to prevent any further harm or suffering. You can do this by using the information on the Report a child at risk link.

If you think a child is in immediate danger, you must dial 999 using any phone.

Remember, a child does not always know they are being abused because it may be something that has always happened to them. It is all of our responsibility to report and prevent abuse.

Break the Suffering; Break the Silence

Break the Suffering; Break the Silence is a short digital clip providing information on abuse and neglect.  Please take the time to watch this and share the messages with your colleagues and friends. 

We also have our What is Child Abuse leaflet which is a guide on how you can help to identify and report child abuse.