The impact bullying has on children and young people can be serious, but there are actions you can take to support your child and protect them from harm.

Bullying is abuse. It can affect children’s school attendance, behaviour and performance at school. Bullying can damage children’s self-esteem and be detrimental to the child’s mental health. Children’s experiences of bullying can also affect them negatively even through to their adult years.

Over 50% of children will be affected by bullying at some point during school. So as a parent, it’s something you might have to deal with in the future.

Below are some links and resources that will help you identify the signs of bullying and provide tips on supporting your child if they are being bullied or involved in bullying.

Anti Bullying Alliance - An interactive information tool for parents covering all aspects of bullying

Saferinternet - Advice for parents and carers relating to cyberbullying

Bulllying.co,uk - Information on how to support your child if they are suffering from the effects of bullying.

Parent Zone - Top tips to follow if you child is being bullied

Kidscape -  This link will provide you with practical tips to help you deal with bullying and its associated issues such as online safety, schooling, raising self-esteem and encouraging positive behaviour.