Drugs and Alcohol

Feeling pressured to drink, vape, smoke, take drugs? Here are 10 ways to deal with it:

  1. Remember that you’re not alone. It’s easy to think you’re the only one who’s not tried these but, actually, most young people don’t use substances.
  2. Work out where you stand on issues like sex, drugs and alcohol. Knowing your own mind makes it easier to stay true to yourself.
  3. Prepare yourself. Think about how you’d like to respond when someone offers you drink or drugs so you know what to say.
  4. Try to understand who’s offering you the drink and drugs and why. Friends should understand if you say no, people who don’t know you very well may expect something in return.
  5. Say no firmly but clearly and without making a big deal about it. If they try to persuade you, don’t feel like you have to change your mind.
  6. Remember that, although they may not show it, your mates will respect you more if you’re assertive and clear about what you do and don’t want to do.
  7. Take a look around. You’ll soon see that you’re not the only one worrying about what other people think of you. Try to focus on your own opinion of yourself - in the end, that’s all that matters.
  8. Worried about your mates being pressured? Don’t keep it to yourself, talk to them, or someone you trust.
  9. If you’re finding it hard to be yourself within your group, take a step back, and think about whether it’s time to find a new crowd to hang out with.
  10. Before trying anything new it makes sense to know what’s what. You can find out more about different drugs on the Drugs A to Z - or call FRANK on 0300 123 6600 at any time, day or night.

If you want to know more about how to handle issues around alcohol, cigarettes, vaping and drugs there are plenty is plenty of information on the internet to help you, here are a few:

FRANK - Honest information about drugs.        

Childline - Helpful advice on alcohol, smoking, drugs including information on your rights, the law, coping with parents who drink too much.