You talked, we listened

We understand how important it is for people to receive information on how their involvement and engagement has helped shaped what happens in Gwent.  This section includes information on how involvement and engagement has helped shape things in Gwent.

Gwent VAWDASV Strategy

The Gwent VAWDASV Strategy was published in May 2018.  Feedback received during consultation on the strategy both helped shape and amend the strategy to ensure the voices of those affected by VAWDASV were heard and shared.  Written and focus group responses are interweaved throughout the strategy to help readers to understand why it’s important to ensure all strategic priorities are met.

Male Victims Consultation

A gap in knowledge in relation to male experiences was identified during the Gwent VAWDASV Strategy consultation.  In order to address this a specific male consultation was commenced in December 2018 and continued into 2019.  Following a questionnaire and focus group the men involved asked for more opportunities to meet and this will be continued in 2019.  Please see more information on how this has influenced Gwent soon.