Sex and Healthy Relationships

Relationships can make you feel amazing. But they can also leave you feeling stressed out and upset. Get advice if you're having problems with relationships. There is lots of advice in the links below and remember, if things get too tough talk to someone you trust or call ChildLine on 0800 1111.

For information on your local contraception and sexual health clinic in the Gwent area please visit

Childline  - Sex and relationship topics

Relationships - Being in a relationship can be really exciting.  Getting to know someone, hanging out and feeling happy just thinking about them. But it can also be confusing. Read our advice on what to do if you're worried about a relationship. On this page:  Telling someone you like them, When there’s an age gap, Breaking up, Worried about a relationship? 

Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships -  Help and advice on making sense of how you feel, what to do if you feel unsafe in a relationship, how to deal with being pressured into sex.

Sex It's normal to have lots of questions about sex. Whether you've had sex or not, it's important to find out about contraception and consent so you can make decisions that feel right for you. On this page: Knowing when you're ready, Consent, Preparing to have sex, Masturbation

Contraception and Safe Sex - Contraception is something which helps stop pregnancy if you have sex. Some types of contraception can also help prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs). On this page:  Types of contraception, Asking someone to use contraception, Who to ask for advice, Talking about embarrassing stuff

STIs - A sexually transmitted infection (STI) is passed from person to person through having sex and sexual contact. You can get an STI from a male or a female partner, so it's important that you stay safe and look after your sexual health. On this page:  Types of STIs, HIV: what you need to know, What to do if you think you have an STI

Pregnancy - find out how to check if you're pregnant, what your options are, and what to do if your girlfriend is pregnant

Sexting - Sending a sexual text, image or video can be dangerous if shared with the wrong person. Once you send a message, you're not in control of what happens to it. Even if it’s posted online we can help. Here's some advice about sexting. On this page:  You’ve already shared photos – what now, Is sexting illegal? Blocking and reporting, Things to think about before sending a photo or video, What to do if someone asks you to send a photo, What to do if you're sent sexual images, Other helpful links on sex and relationships:

Brook - 24/7 question / Information tool on Sex, contraception, STIs, Relationships, Pregnancy, Sexuality, Health and Well Being.