Mental Health and Well Being

Just like our physical health, we all need to look after our mental health.

From time to time, we all have problems that affect our mental health and wellbeing, whether it is being uncomfortable about our bodies, worried about relationships, anxious about school or being angry at ourselves for the way we are feeling. Talking about things might feel tough, but there are lots of people ready to help, give you information, support and advice. The following websites will give you some tips on how to manage mental health issues.

Childline - Help, advice, video clips on managing your mental health covering topics including: taking care of yourself, panic attacks, coping with stress, self harm coping techniques, coping with suicidal feelings, building your confidence.

Young Minds - All about looking after yourself, feelings and mental health conditions. Information and advice on: anger, abuse, body image, bullying, death and loss, eating problems, problems at school, self harm, sleep problems and suicidal feelings.